What is the size of the ebdesign bc5000?

The EB Design BC5000 disposable device offers an ultra-smooth and tasty vaping experience through its dual coil technology and is recharged using USB type C. It is made with 4% salt and liquid nicotine and has a life expectancy of around 5000 inhalations. Try this device if you're looking for a vaporizer that gives an intense flavor. The Elf Bar BC5000 single-use vaporizer lasts about 5000 inhalations or until the e-liquid runs out.

The lifespan of the device also depends on the frequency and intensity of use. On average, it can last at least a week. There is no exact equivalent number of gases in an Elf Bar BC5000 single-use e-cigarette, as vaping and smoking are two different things. However, the 13 ml of e-liquid in an Elf Bar BC5000 single-use vaporizer contains 50 mg (5%) of concentration, which is equivalent to two packs of traditional vapors.

Introducing the Elf Bar EBDESIGN BC5000, the most sought after disposable vaping device on the market. Despite its compact size, this device is packed with power and offers up to 5000 inhalations. It uses double-mesh coils to produce exceptional flavor and vapor production. In addition, it has a 650 mAh battery that can be charged using a USB Type-C cable, ensuring that you never run out of battery.

The EBDesign BC5000 is the new name of Elf Bar BC5000, but the device and its flavors remain unchanged. The EbDesign BC5000 Ultra disposable Elf Bar is the evolution of the famous Elf Bars, but now, with the 13 ml ultra slot machine (5000), you can now vape with this fabulous device for longer than ever.

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