How long should an elf bar bc5000 last you?

An Elf Bar BC5000, advertised with 5000 inhalations, will last up to a week for heavy vapers and an occasional vaper up to two weeks, maybe longer. Elf Bar vaporizers come in several sizes and have 27 different model types (and counting). Based on our team's first-hand vaping experience, an Elf Bar 600 should last around a day for heavy vapers, and an occasional vaper, at least two days, maybe three. The lifespan of an Elf Bar, such as the popular BC5000 model, varies depending on the user's vaping habits.

For the average user who inhales around 132 puffs a day, an Elf Bar BC5000 can last up to 37.9 days, approximately 5.4 weeks. This estimate is based on the 5,000 inhalations provided by the device.

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